In The Name Of Jesus

So, Christians, did you have a nice Christmas eve & Christmas day? Sat with your family and close friends and had nice dinners with some drinks, I hope? Opened some presents and watched with joy as your loved ones opened the ones you gifted them? Sang yourself silly along with the kids who memorized those carols? Watched a tv special or two and a movie about the life & times of Christ?

the teacher online If so, now think of the hordes of non-Christians your religion & its followers murdered while spreading the gospels and forcefully converting multitudes into its fold. Think of the atrocities committed in the name of Jesus and still being committed as we speak. Think of the Christian Crusades! Think of the wars & political games that are stilled being played, like in Iraq. Oh we may call it American greed or Bush’s propaganda or the war for controlling oil…..but shit by any other name will smell like shit!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful Boxing Day!!


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4 thoughts on “In The Name Of Jesus

  1. Dude, it’s a little unfair to target Christianity in this way – especially at a time where most Christians are celebrating the birth of Jesus. If you think about it, for many years now, there have been factions of all religions who commit atrocities in the name of religion – singling out just one religion doesn’t seem fair. Now, if you want to talk about people spreading the gospel, and forcibly converting folks to Christianity (most of which happened a long time ago), you should really have a balanced comment – there are lots of people who do a lot of good – also in the name of Christianity. Don’t those things factor in too? Extremists are present in modern society – including Hindus and Muslims. Why didn’t you make any comments about them? Is it because it is Christmas? How about some anti semitic comments too then? Since it is Channukah isn’t it ?
    You are my cousin, and I love you like my own brother, but you know that we don’t always see eye to eye on some stuff :o) So, what I am asking you is this – do a little more research, and put a more balanced view – putting up the pros and cons rather than just trashing a religion. Especially at a time like this, when folks are celebrating Christmas. Since it is a season of peace on Earth and goodwill to all man, you seem to be propagating neither.

    Merry Christmas! (and I am looking forward to your reply dude, but please think and reply – make it interesting :o) )

  2. Woo hoo. Go for it. I agree with you and admire your gumption. Mu dear Uncle was killed in the 1970s by the IRA (a nice Catholic army) so I have very little time for Christians who spend all of their time pontificating. You rock!

  3. Hi Manoj, I don’t disagree that there are many good, moderate Christians who do a lot of good. And oh, I am not leaving Hindus or Muslims or Jews or any other followers of organized religion. You see, even if the average Christian/Muslim/Hindu/Jew or whatever, doesn’t do much harm, they contribute to the madmen! They should be aware of their contribution. Those same average religious people are fueling the flames of the nutjobs like Al Qaeda and the fundamentalists. And the Hindus – we have the RSS and the righteous groups that will maim, gang rape, murder, vandalize & destroy in the name of Ram, Shyam, Krishna, Shiva and their numerous other buggers! But the average temple going dude contributes to the godmen, the fakirs, the priests, the swamis and the political parties who hide AK-47s in temples & molest alterboys and unsuspecting devotees alike.

    Just like you said it isn’t fair to print this on Christmas as its their holiday and special day, they SHOULD think of the atrocities committed in the name of their god of peace & love. And they should be ashamed. As should you. As should I.

  4. I have decided to make this reply into a post, so please read that.

    And Selma, thank you for your kind words :)

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