I’ve been having some trouble sleeping lately. I know the reason and if you have read the past few blog entries you would know that I have a reason for losing sleep as well. But the very fact that I have it is surprising to me. For years I have always felt that I slept too little, that I went to bed too late and that woke up too late. My friend Cathy was always after me to change my lifestyle, to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. It was not possible then due to my work hours which change periodically and that I was so used to it as well.

For the past one month I have been trying to get more sleep by going to bed earlier and to get up at a more respectable time. It has been a struggle and I was giving up hope. But now, I just can’t sleep much. I kinda feel sleepy at around midnight but that is the time I watch tv (reruns of Seinfeld & Friends) and I try not to miss them since they make me laugh and for that hour, I am not miserable. But by the time they get over, I am not sleepy anymore. I head back to my room with a bottle of water and wonder when I can catch some zzzzs.

I have started reading at night till I fall asleep. And guess which novel it is? Insomnia by Stephen King! The irony is not lost on me. Really, I read a few pages before going to bed. But I am waking up earlier than usual. I keep the alarm for 8:30 am but I am awake by either 7:15 or 7:30.

Song for the day – “Tear In Your Hand” – TORI AMOS

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