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Have you ever had a day off from work and been so disappointed? That is the way I feel about today. First of all, read what happened yesterday and then listen to this. The power went out last night around 1 am and I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all but since there was nothing to do, I tried to sleep. It was impossible as the mosquitoes kept buzzing in my ear and biting me. I tossed and turned and finally the power came back on. Only to go out again! I had to open the windows to have a little cool breeze blowing in and screw the mosquitoes. But sleep was hard to come by. Finally I feel asleep around 5 am and woke up by 11.

It was the phone that woke me up. Office stuff. As soon as I had a coffee in me, I was rubbing my eyes and opening my official mail inbox. Stuff was not getting done and I was stuck till lunch time which was around 2 pm. For a while it seemed that I might have to go to work today as well. It was touch and go for a couple of hours. From 4 it was back to phone calls and replying mails and excel sheets. I also had to wait for people to call me back. Finally I kept the phone as I said bye to my team lead and wondering where the day had gone! It was almost 6 pm!

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It could have been worse I supposed but I felt like ‘could I have my off day back, please?’

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