It Was Cheaper To Have Fun In The late 2000s

So in 2006, September, just 10 days after my parents and I moved from our house to this current apartment that we are living in, I had decided to have a day out in the city. A shave and shower later and by 11:30 or so I was off to start my day out at a cafe nearby, which was Cafe Coffee Day. At the cafe I had a couple of cookies and a big cup of Kaap Nirvana, which is a large frappe. After about 45 mins there, I walked the few feet to both Planet M & Music World, which were stores that I used to frequent to buy buy music cds and dvd, and bought a 2 cd best of The Scorpions and Iron Maiden’s new album, respectively.

Then I went to Men’s Studio and bought a pair of light brown jeans and two shirts plus a couple of underwear(!!) and while the jeans was being altered to my length specifications, I decided to go for lunch.
The Oberio bar & restaurant is quite nearby and I popped in to a very crowded room for a couple of vodkas and had some ginger chicken & a plate of noodles, which I noted was very good.

Now in 2007 the coffee and cookie would have cost me less than ? 300 and the cds would have been around ?800. The two shirts and jeans would have been around ?1500 and  the food would have cost me around ?500 or less! If I did all that today, I would be ?7700 poorer! The frappe and cookies at Starbucks would be around ?700, the cds would be around ?1000, the two shirts around ?3000 and the jeans ?2000 and finally the two drinks and food would be around ?1200! Wow!

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