It’s Been One Week Away From Home

So it’s been a week at my sister’s place. My folks and I moved in here and luckily there is another apartment as well with a 3 bedroom-bathroom in the same building where her mother in law stays. Since she lives alone, my two nephews stay and sleep there in the two empty rooms. I have one room and my parents use the second of the two big rooms. Ofcourse there is Burfi the pug who sleeps….well anywhere he damn well chooses to.

I spend most of my time in the room, at my laptop and online using the USB dongle. If not I a watching tv shows or movies on it and feeling sleepy a lot more than usual. I don’t listen to as much music as I do at home for some reason. Yesterday I spend the whole day inside, took rest, drank lots of coffee and watch a bunch of stuff and overshot my data limit (the bill cycle starts midnight tonight). I am used to unlimited data and not 15 GB a month. Anyways, I also took a small nap in the afternoon and pretty much was online from evening till about 10 when I started watching tv shows again.

Today I will go out for a long lunch and some long overdue beers. Gosh has it been almost a month since I have had beer? Well that just won’t do. Perhaps a cousin will join me and then maybe in the late afternoon I will go for a movie. We’ll see.

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