I’ve Got A Long Way To Go Before I Can Say Goodbye

I heard her voice today while I was at work. I wasn’t expecting it and therefore she caught me off guard. I saw that there was a call from an area that I did not recognize and I picked it up. I heard her voice and she took a moment to understand that it was me speaking on the other line. It took me a moment as well to make out that it was her. She wanted some data from one of the other members of the team. So I handed over the phone.

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She seemed surprised to know that it was me on the phone. Well, honey, you did call my extention. What did you expect? I thought that I would be ok by now. It has been 8 months since I saw her and 7 months since we stopped speaking. Oh that – we were discussing something and apparently she thought that I was blaming her for something which wasn’t true. Then she treated me badly because of it. So I got angry and I decided that I wouldn’t talk to her or want to have anything to do with her. Later she spoke to a girl in my team and told her to tell me that she isn’t angry with me.

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The hell with that, I was angry with her and I didn’t want anything to do with her. A few days back, I was surprised to see that she had ‘accepted my Facebook invite’. It took me a while to realize that I had sent that invite months ago, when I was still on talking terms with her. I immediately deleted and blocked her id.

download g mt greenwich mean time dvd The thing is, I thought I was over it. Hearing her voice today let me know that I wasn’t where I thought I am. It still hurts. I guess that I am not exactly over her. And therein lies the problem. If I can’t move on, there’s no way that I can try to pursue any kind of romantic thing with someone else. I’m not quite ready yet, even though I sure as hell want to be ready. I guess I need more time.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Long Way To Go Before I Can Say Goodbye

  1. There’s nothing wrong with it taking time. You shouldn’t feel pressured into pursuing anything new until you are fully ready.

    ~ Kristi

  2. Have you thought of purging? Writing everything out and then burning the letter or just giving it to her? It sounds like you’ve buried something that needs to be decimated before it can rest in piece… just my two cent’s worth.

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