Killjoys – Season 1

I was so happy when SYFY / Space announced that they were going to show two space themed shows on their channels as part of a co-production. Finally after a dearth of real science fiction shows set in space, we get two. Here is a look at the first of these two Canadian shows that have won so many fans from the scifi lovers section.

Killjoys just completed their 10 episode first season and is a tv series set in a distant part of the galaxy, a section known as the Quad (it is the future, no estimates given or what happened to earth and how humans came to be living there) which is a part of a star system referred to as “The J”. The Quad contains the planet Qresh and three moons – Westerley, Leith, and Arkyn. The Quad is run by a nebulous entity known as “The Company” that is very militaristic and Killjoys are a separate entity of the RACK and perform the work of bounty hunters. Dutch (English actress)) Hannah John-Kamen is a level 5 RAC agent or Killjoy who is partnered by her close friend John Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore) who is a level 3 Killjoy and they travel across the Quad on a spaceship that has a female AI named Lucy. One of the running jokes is that Lucy seems to adore John and he is her favourite. In the pilot, after coming back from a dangerous & successful mission, John discovers that his estranged older brother D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) is wanted on a level 5 alter – which is a kill mission – for crimes he did during his time as a soldier in the military.

John uses Dutch’s clearance to get hold of his brother before a rival killjoy Fancy Lee can kill D’avin and though Dutch is upset at first she understands. Dutch is able to get D’avin’s kill status revoked and he tries for and enlists as a level 4 killjoy and joins the team. But his PTSD is keeping him awake and night and after a few missions he learns that a doctor (guest star Amanda) experimented on him to make him a killing machine and erased part of his memory. When she reactivates that part of the programming, D’avin turns violent beating up Dutch (who he just had sex with) and almost killing his brother by stabbing him with a sword. A broken up Dutch is able to threaten the doctor to reverse his situation and a grief stricken D’avin is returned to normal but at the cost of the trust he had with both Dutch & John. As D’avin works to earn that trust back Dutch’s past catches up with her. Khlyen (Rob Stewart) is a mysterious figure from Dutch’s past, who seems to have trained her as an assassin from a young age. He’s shown being kind to her and helping her when she’s poisoned, but flashbacks reveal him making her kill as a child. Khlyen is determined to make Dutch embrace his training though she refuses.

Adding to the mix of supporting characters are fellow Level 5 agent Fancy Lee (Sean Baek), Alvis (Morgan Kelly), is a religious/resistance leader who practices penitence by suspending himself from body piercing hooks and sometimes gives the Killjoys useful tips. Pawter Simms (Sarah Power) is a doctor with a dark past (and kind-of present), Pree (Thom Allison) is the owner of The Royale, a bar the main characters frequent, and is a gay man. Bellus Haardy (Nora McLellan) is often the one to whom Dutch, Johnny, and D’Avin report. They also receive new warrants from her. Bellus is one part cheerful swagger, one part threatening glower, and one part helpful mentor. The universe of Killjoys, albeit one without aliens, is a dark and dangerous one and towards the end a civil war seems to breaking out between the forces of the company and the resistance. D’avin is kidnapped by Khlyen and is taken aboard a mysterious spacecity that orbits the Quad.

Amazing show, great cast and characters. Nice special effects, fun loving stuff and all that. I hope we have this show for years to come.

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