Krispy Kreme – Donut & Coffee

Another first for me while in Chennai was trying out a Krispy Kreme coffee and a donut! Now this is yet another international franchise which I had heard so much about (it’s what Homer Simpson loves right?) but I had never ever seen one before. A surprise was that when I reached the Chennai airport on my way back home to Cochin, I saw that they had a Krispy Kreme outlet in the airport, past the check in section.


Not having had lunch – or rather I had bought a sandwich at the airport but it was cold and tasteless so I threw it away after a couple of bites – I bought myself an iced cappuccino and a chocolate glazed donut (I forgot the name of the donut).


I selected the donut after much oogling, drooling and staring at the selections they had on offer. I must say that that display really looked amazing. I loved it. Enjoy the pics!


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