Last Night In My Hotel Room

Well, it had to end sometime. But I am ok with it. After tonight is over I will have had 4 nights in this room and it was fun and relaxing for the most part. Tomorrow my check out time is 12 pm but I plan to leave here by 11 am if not by 11:30 am. I think I will keep my alarm for 7 am or maybe that is too early? 8 should be fine. I have been sleeping long hours here, afternoon naps and waking up only by 9 am in the mornings as well.

My one complaint is that, other than some dirtiness in the decor and room and the disappointing bathroom issue, the food is bloody expensive. Rs.155 for eggs done your way (I have ordered it omelet style only so far)  and 3 slices of toast with a bit of jam & butter is Rs.180. Yet on their menu card the breakfast it corresponds to says there is much more. All the food is overpriced as well  but there is a lot of it. I couldn’t finish 3 of my meals here. My wallet will cry once I pay things up at the reception on my way out.

I also was berating myself for no bringing my USB stick as the tv in here has USB ports and I could have binged a few movies while I was here. The cable channels were crap, as most hotels have them, and I didn’t watch more than 30 minutes of tv and that too on my first day here. I had a cold yesterday and most of today so I haven’t been using the ac but the fan does the trick and I feel a bit cold if I do not use the sheet and blanket. So to bed I go and once I wake up, I will get some coffee and a bit of breakfast before I shower and shave and leave.

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