Learning A New Language

I’ve stated it before. The language that I would most love to learn how to speak is French. It’s not just because I love Canada and Quebec and want to be able to go there one day and speak with the natives. I love the French. I love the language, the country and the cuisine. I also love the way that the language sounds.

Also you could speak French in other parts of the world like Belgium, Luxembourg, parts of Switzerland and Morocco.  French is the official language in 29 countries and in all French overseas regions and departments. It is the coolest sounding language in the whole world. You could say that you want to go to the loo in French and it will still sound ultra cool. Je veux aller à la merde (if Google translation is correct) – see?

It’s also the language of love and well it also sounds like you are very refined if you can speak fluent French. Also I think it is good for everyone to learn more than one language. If your native language isn’t English, then learn English. If you can learn one more language, I would suggest Mandarin/Cantonese or French.

Prompt from 81 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Matters at Fizzle.co

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