Liquid Amber Nectar Of The Gods

The fact that it had been a little of 6 weeks since I’ve had any beer was shocking. Even more was the fact that I hadn’t a drop of alcohol in 4 weeks either. No other drink had passed my lips.

My drinking was limited to mostly coffee, some tea and water. Maybe a littleĀ  juice which wasn’t served to me all cold. But no drinks and no ice. Even lots of hot water to counteract the effects of a fever, cold, cough & flem infection. It has taken a lot of time to recover.

All which led me to this stage. No drinks for a long time. I had a check up and the doctor said that there was way too much blood in my alcohol system and that I needed to get it remedied instantly!

So after a long 6 weeks, I finally went to get some beer this evening. I went to Oberois and got two Kingfisher beers and drank it down greedily. For a few minutes I also stopped to admire the foam and the golden liquid. How beautiful it looked! Royal, regal, majestic and gorgeous, like a molten sunset, caught in a bottle. And how much have I missed it.

Ah that felt so good. Beer is liquid bread and it’s good for you. Unlike most times, I didn’t spend much time there and just drank my beers quickly. I then ordered some food to go for mom and me and waited till the bag arrived. Butter chicken, garlic fish & fried rice. Good eats.

One thought on “Liquid Amber Nectar Of The Gods

  1. I’ve not had any alcohol in over 2 years now. Think my head became allergic to it as the headaches were severe and sickening :(

    Plus having seen my offspring worse for wear so many times, it put me off!

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