Little Kitten, You Have Me Smitten

As I was leaving my house and walking towards the busstop, a tiny kitten came crying over to me. She was like complaining you know, maybe it was hungry. I have never seen it before but it was like she knew me from some other life. She came over and I stroked her with the edge of my shoe and she seemed to like it. Then she plonked on the side of the road and was using my show for a pillow and meowing gently.

I wanted to take her home and feed her milk & rice. If I hadn’t been going out to the office and in a hurry, I would have. I am a sucker for small animals like kitten & dogs. Finally I had to drag myself away from the little monster. A man in a car was passing by and he stopped to ask me if the kitten was lying on the road after being run over. I told him no and gave him the story. I think he wanted to take the kitten with him as well. It really was a very cute little thing. I looked for it on my way back home but she was no where to be seen.

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