Lockdown Blues


Well we’ve survived the weekend & Monday of lockdown. Now it’s the rest of the week that I need to get through. Food is the main issue. I am buying food from restaurants and cafes. I am trying to buy one big meal with a couple of items so I can have it for lunch as well as dinner. During the weekend for Saturday night I did have a pizza but other meals have been pre-purchased, refrigerated and saving the left overs for another meal.

One of the easiest things to do is buy some food from Lulu Hypermart – some of the items are cheaper than in most restaurants and cafes and it’s decent in taste. I’m also getting some juices and cold coffee from them, again much cheaper than in most other places. Plus they have a really good selection of different items from Arabian food like shawarma, hummus and kuboos, Indian, Indo-Chinese plus sandwiches, salads, burgers & pizza.

Other than that I am usually working, eating or sleeping. A few hours I try to watch some tv and relax but I am sick and tired of this shift and working extra hours as well as a few hours on the weekend. I feel like I can’t relax properly. I hope things calm down a little bit.

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