Lockdown in Kerala – Day 3

So after my last update on the 23rd, the state declared a total shutdown for the next 21 days. Today is just day 3 of the shutdown and I am already going bonkers. My office system was delivered to be during the early hours of Tuesday and it was during the evening of that same day that I managed to setup after much difficulty (it’s a little complicated) and I was soaked in sweat by the end of it. It also just happens to be the most hot & humid of days, which it might only get worse in April & May.

2.5 hours of that setup I was ready for dinner and at 10 we had a call with the team. We exchanged our statuses and updates. We will be working from home for atleast 21 days but this could be a longer situation. I then spent 2.5 hours on the phone with a member of our company’s tech support as I couldn’t get connected to the VPN. By 3 am I was finally able to log in and confirm it to the tech manager who helped me out. I then went to bed and watched some tv show episodes before falling asleep.

Yesterday I woke up at 11:30 am and had coffee and then just before lunch I ordered some food for our dinner. The food delivery options like Swiggy & Zomato are allowed to work from 7 am till 5 pm. So we might be ordering some food quite regularly. I watched some tv after lunch and then showered and at 5 got coffee and an evening snack. By 6:20 pm I was logging in to the system and reading my office emails. I started working on a report that kept me busy till dinner time. At 10 we had a long call with the team.

More work on a new agenda to counteract the current situation followed. By 3am I was ready to sleep but I was called for something else and stayed up till 3:45 am and then watched tv for another 90 minutes before falling asleep. Today more of the same I guess.

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