Look For That Lesser Price

How to save money while shopping?

I’m gonna use the examples of dvds as this is main thing that I buy online, other than mostly essentials and some grocery items and the occasional book or shirt. So I do buy a few dvds of my fav tv shows and movies and I usually do so online. Now, since sometimes the rates in India are higher or I just can’t find the less popular movies or tv shows on Indian sites, I shop internationally.

My main choices for shopping online for dvds are Amazon UK, eBay UK, eBay CA & eBay. In that order. If I am trying to find a dvd box set or a season of a tv series, I will open all 4 and check and search for items that can be shipped to India. I then compare the prices for them on each site. Ofcourse I will also check the rates in INR so I can make a decision as to which one is cheapest for me including shipping to India.

This way I ensure that I get the cheapest option for the dvd or dvds that I want to get and not pay a huge price for it. Sometimes in India the cost of a dvd set is very high and when I get it from ebay UK or Amazon UK, it is much cheaper. There are a couple of sets that I would have to had paid atleast Rs.7000 or more just to get them in India. Now that is savings.


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