Looking Back At New Year’s Eve Celebrations Of The Past

As I have grown older I keep thinking back to happier and more pleasant times. As it is New Year’s Eve I have been going through my blog to see what I was upto the past few years on this day. The last few years have been mostly spent at home with just my parents and sometimes my sister & niece will also join in. We eat a quiet dinner and maybe some ice cream or cake.

I remember a couple of New Year’s eve was spent with friends and those are very special to me. Also a couple of years, back in 2006 and 2007, my extended family and I have had parties in a home and those were some of my favourite moments of all time. They remind me of when were were much younger and had spent New Year’s eve parties in our grandmother’s house. All those years where as kids we were not allowed to go out in the area but instead would get some food by 7pm and play songs all night and wish each other happy new year over ice cream or cold drinks.

I remember 2003’s New Year. For some reason I was alone and waiting for a call back from the job I had applied to. I was upset about a couple of things and I was out in the town and by lunch, I was in a bar near my house and had some lunch and a couple of beers and tears were streaming down my eyes. But then I got a call from the HR manager of the job that I had applied to and he told me that I could join the next week. That put me in a great mood.

Another New Year’s eve, a few years earlier – I think it was 1998 or 1999 – I was at home and we were watching Titanic with my mom and my sister’s mother-in-law. I think it was 1999 as my sister had her second son born a couple of months before that and that would explain why she was there. It was a boring New Year’s eve. I am not remember any other memorable New Year’s eve.

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