Lost Highway – Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is as comfortable as an old pair of jeans or a long-time friendship. They pay some tribute to country music on Lost Highway, their 10th studio album in their 20 plus years as a band. Singer Jon Bon Jovi has always been obsessed with cowboys hats & boots but only from 2005 has his band’s music strolled on country-rock territory. But the band delivers on this 12 track album. Ofcourse the standout & first single You Wanna Make A Memory shines on as one the New Jersey boys’ best tracks ever. Slide guitars straddle this album and at times Richie Sambora steals the limelight but I still think his best playing was pre-Crush, released back in 2000. A nice surprise comes in the form of a duet with LeAnn Rimes on especially on Till We Aren’t Strangers Anymore, singing in a perfect country girl twang.

One thing Bon Jovi should avoid is the type of song that leaves you wondering what is wrong with them. I am talking of We Got It Going On and their ilk. Again, these started popping out from 2000 onwards as it is evident that they are rocking a bit hesitatingly. The title track is a mid-tempo song, half ballad-half rocker and all nostalgia & upbeat about traveling through life. The kind of song that you’d expect from experience and years of doing things your way. Summertime is a poppier song about how his mate makes him feel. With a good video this song can make the rounds of VH1 & MTV for a few months. Whole Lot Of Leavin’ is a plea to a lover to stick together while there are too many people leaving something of the other, their hometowns, country or their lovers.

However, they still have too many semi-ballads & ballads and songs about the same things for my taste. Any Other Day is about barely hanging on, Seat Next To You tells the lover that she is the one the singer wants to be for all times, Everyone’s Broken is comforting a person who is pained & upset, saying that it happens to everyone and that it’s part of life. The Last Night is about leaning on someone in the dark times that plague our days. One Step Closer & is like a dozen similar songs, while the party song I Love This Town is basically a resort-bar party style song about a…. town!:)

This album is a good one but kinda dull at places. It may grow on me a bit and I think overall it is a bit better than Have A Nice Day.

Song for the day – “You Wanna Make A Memory” – BON JOVI

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