Lousy Customer Care Service by TATA Indicom

Late yesterday afternoon my internet connection was disrupted. Turns out that a goods lorry (a large truck to transport goods) had driven straight into one of the posts where my ISP’s cable is connected and the cable broke off as a result. Sadly this is not the first time that it has happened. We have such irresponsible truck drivers in India that they don’t bother about things like this – “our stuff has to reached on time, so we can be paid. Fuck everybody else” seems to be the drivers’ union motto!  I noticed that my connection was down at 5pm but I cannot complain to to my ISP TATA Indicom as THEIR CALL CENTER CUSTOMER CARE HELPLINE HAS NOT BEEN WORKING FOR THE PAST 5-6 DAYS!!!

Of all the fucking stupid things! Their service had been down on occasion during the last few days and each time I tried to call their customer care number but the call won’t get through. I have heard from others on Twitter that they are also facing the same problem for all the numbers that TATA has been down. Now, TATA has got the broadband service, a USB device called Photo and they are also a mobile service provider. I don’t know about their mobile service helpline but the other two has been down for 5 days by my account and 6 by some others. This is pathetic! To register a complaint I had to call my cousin and have him email them on my behalf. I also called a rather helpful payment collection executive of TATA Indicom who registered a complaint on my behalf and also conferenced me with their local technical staff and finally my problem was fixed, 24 hours later.

It seems that TATA Indicom have decided that customer concerns are not at all their concern. They are not providing a contact point over the phone and they haven’t still bothered to reply to the email my cousin sent. Shameless!

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