Luv Cutlet – Serving Us Hot Crispy & Crunchy Balls Of Deliciousness

This is now my new favourite evening tea time snack. There is a small busines called Luv Cutlet that makes…..well…cutlets and serve tea in their two outlets in the city of Kochi. They have a few variations of the cutlets – chicken, beef, chicken & cheese, prawn, veggie, spicy and a potato one. There is something for everyone’s taste.

Cutlet’s as what we Indians call them, are these small roundish shaped (or square or oval shaped, it doesn’t matter) snacks that are either chicken, meat or veggie fried in oil with a breaded coating. Traditionally they have been either chicken or beef but fish, veggie & lamb cutlets have also become popular. What is usually consistent is that they taste delicious. Also they are like the perfect evening snack to munch on while your drink your coffee, tea, lemonade whatever. They are also seen as a companion piece to the more popular samosa. However in Kerala, I would argue that the cutlet is more popular.

Luv Cutlet is serving Malayalees their version of the cutlet which are bigger than most and also their outer coating is more crunchier and crispier, making the experience that much more satisfying and yes it is also more tastier. They taste awesome any day but especially more when it is cold & raining and you want something hot to eat while you drink your coffee or tea, I hope these guys grow throughout the city and expand towards the rest of Kerala.

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