Malkist Cheese Cracker Biscuits

I’ve always seen people eating cheese and crackers. I’ve only had plain crackers, usually dipped in tea or coffee, which over here in India are usually very dry and almost tasteless. However, I did try these ones and I like them a lot. Malkist Cheese Cracker which are nothing but cheese layered between two sugar-sprinkled crackers.

The crackers are crisp but the only thing is we have a tiny sugar granules, which for me is a problem as I am staying away from sugar. However I didn’t know this at first as when I picked it up it was a bit dark in the kitchen. Once I tasted it I thought, hmmm it does taste sweet and I got that along with the cheese. I understood that it was sugar but it’s very tiny and hence it isn’t too bad. I got it in a pack of 10. It is crisp but crumbles easily which is a bummer. It is light and does not feel heavy at all as the layer of cheese is thin but adequete.

The cheese was slightly salted which paired well with the sugar. This cracker is prepared with ingredients like milk powder and cheese powder, but it had no synthetic aftertaste. No added preservative but it has food colouring. If you like a savoury snack (despite the bit of sugar) it’s great for an evening snack with your tea or coffee.

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