What Are Your Beliefs About Marriage?

This from a 42 year old bachelor who does not see things changing any time in the future due to various reasons. I love the idea of getting married and being married. I have no issues with commitments. I wish I had found the right woman for me, I wish my circumstances were different and I wish I could have gotten married by age 29-32. I just wish my situation was different.

I miss having someone to love and to love me. I miss having that companionship, a warm body to hold and to lay in bed with. I miss having a woman who loves me. I don’t think I will ever get that feeling again, it just doesn’t seem to work out for me. I am all for marriage. Get married by the age of 30, between the ages of 25-30 and stay married. Try to make the correct choice and work hard to make it work.

Compromise, adjustments, working together, partnership, companionship and the feeling of never ever being lonely as long as both of you are alive. Isn’t that what marriage should be? So yeah I am all for it.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

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