Matrimonial Merry-go-round!

Write about a time when you gossiped about someone or something and you got in trouble for it.

Well not really gossiped about it and I didn’t get into any trouble at all but there was this once incident back in 2007 or was it early 2008. At the place where I worked one of my colleagues, who I was good friends with had transferred back to Bangalore (the city he lived in and from where he was temporarily transferred to Cochin when the office here was started) after 6 months here. I kept in touch with him as much as I could (he would do odd stuff like call me at 3 am after he had been drinking all night to shoot the shit!). He had a girlfriend in the Cochin office, a woman who had moved to Cochin from another city. They had an affair going on and everyone thought that they would get married to each other soon (even though they had only seen each for 6 months).

A few months after he had left we began to hear stories about his life and past. He has already been married once and gotten divorced and then was with this other chick for a while before he meet our common colleague. However we still thought that they would still married once she got a transfer to the same city where he lived. And then I got to know from a very reliable source that this guy was currently already married! Since the information was from a reliable source I wasn’t quick to dismiss it as a rumour but I wasn’t sure. He was a friend but how do I ask him? So I did the next best thing – or so I thought at that time! I casually asked a mutual friend if this was true. She said she wasn’t sure but that she had also heard the same thing. And you know what she did – she went and told the other colleague that I was asking everyone around the office if my friend was married!

She came to meet me and said that she was “appreciative” of my concern but that the rumour was not true. I said ok and cursed the other stupid colleague who went and babbled to this colleague. But hey – it turns out that there was some truth to it! The two of the got together and did get married but it turned out that the marriage was declared void as he was still married legally to his second wife!! Holy crap that was a mess. I still reel from all the stuff that went around in their life but it isn’t my shit to be bothered with. I’m still friends with him but lost contact with her after a while – she kept her Facebook relation status as “it’s complicated”! Yeah, no shit genius! Anyway they weren’t a match for each other so all’s well that ends well I guess. He is single now!

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