Meet Haumea

download garfield s fun fest Meet Haumea! On the 17th of September Haumea was so named and classified as a dwarf planet in our Solar System, with an estimated mass is 4.2 × 1021 kg. Astronomers at the Sierra Nevada Observatory in Spain announced the discovery of the object on December 28, 2004, when they re-analysed observations they had made on March 7, 2003. They then scoured older archives and found the object in images dating back to 1955.

So Haumea has been seen for quite some time but it is known to us very recently and given a proper name only now. It also has two small satellites; the moons have been named HiÊ»iaka ((136108) Haumea I) and Namaka ((136108) Haumea II) (as depicted in the artist’s conception image). Haumea shows strong water ice features similar to the surface of Pluto’s moon Charon.

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