Meet Melissa Version 2.0

Well you guys remember that on the 4th of this month I had got a BlackBerry phone? I had a white BlackBerry Bold 9780 delivered to my house and was quite happy with it. But it turns out that it was defective. Well out of 500 order by my friend it turns out that 3 or 4 were faulty. It took just 3 days for me to start having problems. Turns out that when the phone was unlocked some OS issue happened and the phone just froze on Sunday 8th April and refused to reboot no matter how many times I tried. After contacting my friend, I was able to get in touch with the store owner who has shipped the 500 BBs and he asked me to try and get the OS reinstalled, which I did. I visited Reddington (official BlackBerry service centers) and they reinstalled the OS for me. But they also pointed out that there was a problem with the panel of the phone and to ask for a replacement.

On Tuesday I spoke to both my friend and the store owner and it was decided that I would get a replacement phone. I couriered the white phone back to the store which took 3 days and then I had to wait till this Wednesday for them to get me my replacement. They had run out of white and so I said that I would take a black one instead. I received the package today. Look at her all coy & shy still in the bubble wrap.

I must admit that black certainly seems to be the way to go when you buy a BlackBerry phone. The white was cute & sweet but the black looks a lot more sleeker and streamlined. This is the first black BlackBerry I have ever owned. I did like the white one but if there was a problem with it, I didn’t want to be stuck with it. So anyways, the replacement works like a charm and I’m happy. I’ve been charging her on my laptop and I’ve installed some of the stuff I need and configured my emails, Facebook, Twitter, Gtalk, WordPress and now BBM remains.

I really like the look of the phone. I’m not going to call her by another name. This is Melissa v 2.0. Say hi to her, she’s a beauty.

7 thoughts on “Meet Melissa Version 2.0

  1. LB – it was only the particular BB of mine that was faulty. Or I should say 3 or 4 out of 500 (not bad). Compared to any other manufacturer it is actually good – I’ve heard of Samsung & Sony having lots of issues. And iphones isn’t even on the market, very little sales in India.

  2. Funny that BB seems a lot more popular in Africa, India and the Caribbean.. I’ve chatted with people from those places and that seems the case..

  3. I don’t know about that but BB has it’s fans all over. I really don’t see the fuss over an iPhone, it’s a baby’s gadget!

  4. Well to each his/her own. Lots of people out there and there are lots of phone manufactures out there. Plus the copy cat companies in each country like Micromax & Karbonn in India.

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