Meet This Alien Race Who Suffer From Narcolepsy.

Here is my idea for an alien race:

Ok, in my science fiction universe (a quick recap; you’ll have to go through my old posts to read a bit more about this futuristic universe) by the year 2500, humanity will have left earth due to problems with the earth’s atmosphere and resources and settle on 3 planets in a nearby solar system and 500 years after that almost the entire human population (and assorted pets) would then migrate en-mass to first terraform and then live on 10 large planets and 7 moons in another solar system which is towards the center of the Milky Way galaxy. And so thousands yes say around 500 years from now we met these two races who are very similar in they way they look but vastly different in advancement.

One planet’s race is quite advanced scientifically & technologically and has ventured out in space while the other similar looking race of humanoids, called the Narven, is somewhere to the equivalent of early 19th century earth’s advancement. This is when we encounter them, secretly so they have no clue that an alien race is watching them. The Narven race of humanoids live on a planet which is almost 75-80% water and as only two large continents on which the humanoids and other animals live. Their sun has a unique effect on the life on this planet – when the sun sets (as in the sun in not visible and it’s night time) all the animals including the Narven fall into a deep sleep! It’s not voluntary and it’s a biological reaction much like narcolepsy. This planet has 30 hours in a day and for 10 of them it is considered as night due to the sun setting and hence those 10 hours is a total sleep mode for all the creatures in that area. Irrespective of wherever they may be, whatever position they are in, whatever they might be doing at that point in time – when it gets dark and the sun has set, all of them fall asleep. Instantly!

So that might be hard for life on this planet, you might think. Imagine not being in control of yourself and falling asleep right on the spot as soon as it is dark and not being able to wake up no matter what you do until 10 hours later. Hence the whole society of the people of this planet is built around this condition. They have ensured that there are a lot of inns, bed and rooms in every part of the cities, towns and villages so that if someone is stuck far away from home and it is almost nighttime, they get easy access for a bed & room for the night for a nominal fee that is very reasonable. In many cases there are free beds available as well to help out people who are traveling. This is to ensure that they don’t fall on the road on their way back home when it gets dark.

And that’s one of my alien races in my fictional universe.

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