So if you have not been living under a rock, under the oceans or in some secluded forest, you would know and probably love the Minions. They were the loveable small, yellow creatures first introduced to us in Despicable Me and continued to charm us in the sequel. Minions is a standalone and yet serves as a prequel to the franchise as it gives us an origin story for the Minions as well as show how they came to be Gru’s henchmen. The film stars Coffin (as the Minions), Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, and Steve Coogan, and is narrated by Geoffrey Rush.

Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history’s most villainous masters. They find great masters—including a T-Rex, a caveman, an Egyptian pharaoh, Dracula and Napoleon — but after accidentally killing nearly all of them with their incompetence, they decide to isolate themselves from the world and start a new life in Antarctica. But after centuries of not serving a master they have become depressed and by 1968 so one Minion named Kevin seeks out to find a new master so that all Minions can serve him/her and enjoy life again. Stuart — a bored, teenaged minion who is obsessed with guitars — joins him reluctantly, as does an over-enthusiastic Bob, who is only choosen due to a lack of volunteers. After a long journey they find themselves in NYC where they learn of a a Villain-Con – a convention of super villains – in Florida and hitch-hick with a family of bank robbers and make their way to the convention.

There they become the henchmen for Scarlet Overkill, who is a world famous villain, and her husband Herb, and Kevin informs the other Minions back in Antartica, who have started working for a Yeti vbut accidentally kill their leader. Fleeing from the remaining angry Yeti, they travel around the world to find Kevin, who had already told them to meet the trio in England. In England Kevin, Stuart & Bob try to steal the Queen’s crown, as that is Scarlet’s biggest dream but have to flee from the security. Bob crashes onto the mythical Sword in the Stone and pulls the sword, Excalibur, out to defend himself. After he has pulled out the legendary sword, Elizabeth II is immediately removed from the throne and Bob is crowned as the new King of England. An angry Scarlet comes to England and confront the 3 but Bob abdicates his thrown to make Scarlet the future queen but she has them tossed in the dungeons to be tortured by Herb. But their unique physiology makes them impervious to torture and The three of them manage to escape when Herb eventually leaves to attend his wife’s coronation.

The three accidentally crash the coronation before Scarlet can be crowned Queen and Stuart and Bob are captured by super villains while Kevin hides in a bar where he finds Elizabeth. Kevin learns that Stuart and Bob are to be executed and breaks into Herb’s laboratory, with villains chasing him. He accidentally triggers an experimental machine that enlarges him, destroying the Overkill residence in the process, which scares the villains away. Kevin rescues his companions just as the other Minions arrive in London. Scarlet is distracted by the army of Minions and Kevin knocks her through numerous buildings. She sends a missile towards Kevin, which he swallows, sacrificing himself to save Stuart, Bob and the other Minions. Scarlet and Herb attempt to escape using her dress rocket but Kevin holds onto it as the missile inside him explodes, apparently killing Scarlet and Herb and shrinking Kevin back to his original size.

Elizabeth is once again crowned Queen of England. She publicly presents Bob with a tiny crown, Stuart with an electric guitar and Kevin with a knighthood. Scarlet—suddenly revealed to be alive—steals the Queen’s crown with Herb, but they are frozen by a young Gru, who takes the crown from them. Scarlet is disappointed until Bob gives her his tiny crown. The Minions see Gru as their new potential boss and chase after him to his home.

Funny and cute, Minions is a must see but I think the first two Despicable Me movies are better. I’d give it an 8 outta 10! Great soundtrack too.

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