Mix Tape/ Playlist Masterpiece

You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape (or playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song.

Off the top of my head these are the songs that I would choose. I will update this list as I see fit

  • Amongst The Waves – Pearl Jam
  • No Rain – Blind Melon
  • What A Good Boy – Barenaked Ladies
  • Love Song – Tesla
  • Here I Go – Whitesnake
  • Limelight – Rush
  • Always Somewhere – Scorpions
  • 32 Down On The Robert McKenzie – Paul Gross
  • Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
  • Life Goes On – Poison
  • Thief – Our Lady Peace
  • Rockstar – Nickleback
  • One Thing – Finger 11

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com

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