Monster Bike Builder – Goldammer

Roger Goldammer’s skill and passion for designing and building custom motorcycles has turned a hobby into a business as a premier bike builder in the custom motorcycle community. Founder of Goldammer Cycle Works, Roger received his formal training from BC Institute of Technology and the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Pheonix. Building most of the bike parts himself, Roger combines functionality with innovation to create unique designs that compete successfully at an international level. Roger’s latest bikes, the boardtrack racer BTR3 and Trouble, were awarded 1st place in successive years at the World Championship of Custom Bike Building.

This guy is a monster as far as building bikes are concerned. I mean, just check out the bikes that he has designed. They are way too good to be on Indian roads, but we can dream, can’t we guys? I heard about Roger Goldammer while watching the Las vegas Bikefest, in which one of his bikes won first prize. Marvel at the pics all you want.

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