More Human Than Human

One of my issues with Stargate SG1 and at times with Atlantis, which was not an issue with Universe, is that at times they didn’t really try to make some of the humans or even races of humans that lived on other planets, different enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stargate and am a huge fan but this point really bugged me. But Go’auld living on earth working in business ventures and commerce? Some of the aliens were just too human.

Take for instance the 18th episode of SG1’s season 10, the final season. We meet Vala Mal Doran’s father for the first and only time. Jacek, played by comedian/actor Fred Willard is so American, you wonder what he was doing on another planet. Pictured here, Jacek is basically Fred Willard in a type of salwar kurta (some might say he basically plays himself in most of his roles) and does the usual wise cracking jokes he is famous for. Plus for an alien human visiting earth for the first time, he sure starts acting like us in an awfully quick time. While on Earth, Jacek proves to be a less than honest citizen, holding a charity phone scams, selling “genuine stardust”, cooking earth dishes and hustling senior citizen ladies in bingo games (with a cover charge).  In 3 weeks he learned enough to fool women in bingo?

Granted that episode is more to add some humorous elements into the show and it’s to be taken lightly (how can you not when te main guest star is Fred Willard) but they just didn’t try. It was almost like he ad-libbed most of the dialogue not relevant to the plot.

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