Morning Shift The Whole Of Last Week

So the last week, well the 5 working days, I was doing a morning shift – 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.  This was mainly because I was conducting the foundational training for a somewhat new process that we will be doing at the office. It’s a phone support instead of the usual non-voice chat & email support that we are accustomed to doing. I was told that I would do this shift for 2 weeks, the duration of the foundational training but plans changed on Thursday and I will be moving to an evening shift as I will conducting some other training.

So anyway, it is a big adjustment to the timings and ofcourse your body. I kept the alarm for 6 am and would usually snooze it once. I would get up and use the loo and then brush my teeth and wash my face. Off to the kitchen as my mom would also be up and she’d make coffee for us. I would drink my coffee and spend the hour at my laptop. Then I would go do my toilet business and then shave and shower. Once I dry myself I’d go get my breakfast and get my clothes for the day. By 7:45 am I would start to get ready and then book my Uber.

Once I reach the office – 8:30 am – I’d go keep my bag in one of the lockers and go down to the 5th floor and see the tech team for handing me over a laptop which is temporarily allocated to me. I then go up and say hi to the employees who are attending the training. After I setup the laptop and log in, I go and get the expensive headsets that this process needs and bring them up with the help of one of the trainees. Then we get everyone to login to my Webex bridge and we start the day. By 10:30 am I give them a coffee break and we continue till 1:15 pm when we break for a 45 minute lunch break. We then pick things uptil 5:20 pm, with a 20 minute break for coffee at 4pm.

After I send away the team, I then finish the reports for the day and go and hand over the laptop and keep the headsets safely in a locker, I then will decide if I want to have coffee/tea/juice at the cafeteria along with a snack or come home and then have some tea/coffee. Then I book a cab and come home. I change my clothes and then relax till it’s dinner time. By 11 pm I am in bed watching some comedy and falling asleep by midnight.

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