Morning Spent Outside & Photos

Nice day out in the town. Not for too long though, just a couple of hours. It was a hot morning but still I wanted to go out to go to a couple of places. First I went to buy medicines at a medical store two kilometers away from home. Once I got myself up to the front of the cue and paid for my meds I was thirsty as hell. I first went to look for an ATM nearby and then went to Cafe Coffee Day and set my bag down at one of the tables.

Then I ordered a Kappi Nirvana and a Chicken Tikka sandwich. Ah, it’s been a while since I had either. The sandwich is great as always, with really nicely toasted bread, very crunchy too. The sandwich was delicious and I washed it down with the cold coffee. I chilled out there for a while and then went to get my hair cut short.

Here’s the sandwich below.

Oh and I forgot to post this pic up. A few days ago, I think on the 30th of December, after I met up with Anil & Madhu I took an auto back to come home. The auto rickshaw had a small tv monitor fitted on which they show tv ads and fillers plus cartoon clips. I saw a bit of Tom & Jerry on my ride back home. :) I tried to snap a pic but all I got was this – THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

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