Mr. Procastination Roshan

What is something you have been procrastinating on doing for a while?

I am very bad at following through on things that I have wanted to do, whether it is a personal project or even at work. For instance I had learned about the Keto Diet and the effects that it has had on a few people at work but I only just started it this month. And this is despite me really wanting to try it out. My biggest excuse was the fact that I drink a lot of coffee and I needed my coffee to be very sweet. Hello – almost a month now and I have not been adding sugar at all. So I guess I could have started this a long time ago.

So to get you an idea that was in 2018 that I first learned about it after seeing a colleague who I hadn’t seen in over 4 months. Then a higher up at the office also stated that he had been doing it and we noticed that he had lost some belly fat and he even recommended me to do it. Skip past to 2019 August and after I saw a doctor for a broken toe, I asked him what he thought about me going on the Keto diet. He said go for it after taking my blood test results. I still didn’t do it.

Fast forward to this January and I asked my doctor again and again he said to go for it. And yet I only started it this month. Well atleast I started it this month but I should have started it a long time ago. Now I want to try some other things and I will keep you posted.

Prompt from September Journaling Prompts 2020 at The TwinSight

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