Musical Performances I’d Like to See Live

Pearl Jam – my fav hard rock band. I might cry and I will sing along to all the songs as I know most of the lyrics. I love all their songs and I wish I could see them live.

Barenaked Ladies – as most of you know, the Ladies and PJ are my two fav bands of all time. I would join all the sing alongs for BNL, laugh until my sides hurt and scream for my fav songs.

Joe Satriani – it’s difficult for me to chose a third band of my 3 artists that I would like to see live some day. But ask me for a solo artist/guitar player and one name stands apart. Joe is amazing, his music is way melodic and exciting and wonderful. Gotta go with Satch on this one. Watch & listen.

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One thought on “Musical Performances I’d Like to See Live

  1. I would love to see Pearl Jam too. Also Queens of The Stone Age. Also Pendulum and Muse. I guess I am just a die-hard rocker!

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