My Childhood Idols

Oh boy this is gonna be embarrassing but I guess we all have them skeletons in our closets. Ok, what I am about to confess is uptill the age of 11 years old. So I used to idolize:

Michael Jackson: – when I was young I pretty much listened to any artist or band that my older sister played for me on her stero. She played me ABBA, Boney M, Stevie Wonder, Culture Club, Wham!, Duran Duran, Madonna and Sade. I listened to this music along with her and it was only until I listened to Michael Jackson that I formed a musical identity of my own. I was a big Wacko-Jacko fan for a few years. Until I discovered rock!

David Hassellhoff:- hehehe, I was a big time Knight Rider fan and worshiped at the altar of the Hoff. He had the coolest car in the whole wide world, still does actually, and met a lot of hot women who he rescued. Plus he played around with two hotties at work as well. I wanted a leather jacket like him, I wanted to change my name to Michael (as in Michael Knight) and wanted to say stuff like “piece a cake” when someone asked to do a task.

Amithab Bachchan:- I was a big fan of AB as a kid. I watched a lot of his movies, I memorized the dialogues and learned all the songs. I had a lot of his movies recorded on tape and watched them over and over. He was my biggest idol for many years. Funny how I can’t stand him anymore; I think he is a huge sellout. Once he got old he couldn’t do anything right. I know that he still is a huge star but I just don’t like him anymore.

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