My Current Favourite Cheese – D’lecta Cheese Slices

It is no secret that I love cheese. It was a big favourite of mine growing up and my sister and I usually had bread with cheese slice, a spreadable type cheese or the triangle pieces of Laughing Cow brand cheese when we live in Kuwait. When we came back to India though for the longest time I rarely ate cheese since it wasn’t very common to buy them.

For a long time I didn’t really eat breakfast as well so there is that. But I do love cheese and I love pizza so whenever I ate pizza I was getting my cheese fix as well. But recently I have been having more grilled cheese sandwiches at home for breakfast. I intially started with Mozzarella and then Cheddar. And I think now I have found my favourite cheese brand.

This cheese slices from D’lecta is now what I love eating in my sandwiches in the morning. I tried and do like some other but I think taste wise this is probably my favourite and the best. It’s not as sharp as cheddar and not as mild as Mozzarella but I it’s got the perfect blend.

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