My Dad & The Kidney Stone Scare

My dad gave us a scare today. He woke up at 4am with a severe pain on his right side. Half sleep and thinking it was a recurring muscle pain due to the fall he took a few weeks back, he took some ointment and applied it on his side. However the pain refused to subside and he was barely able to lie still. At around 6 am he got up and went to the bathroom to wash his face and then came to sit in the living room. When my mom was in the bathroom, he knocked on the door and said that he was going to the hospital as he couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I was asleep in my room.

At 6:30 am my mom came and woke me up and told me about what had happened. I quickly washed my face and called my dad’s phone. He said that he was waiting for an auto to take him to Sudheendra Hospital, which is quite close by. I went to the bathroom, took a quick wash and then got dressed to follow him. When I reached down he had already left for the hospital, given a lift by a neighbour. I walked to the  hospital and went to the casualty ward where I saw him lying down with a drip attached to his hand and wincing in pain. I soon suspected kidney stones to be the culprit as he had it twice before; the first time a major one with massive treatment and the second a couple of years back which was a minor one. I spoke to the doctor who confirmed  my doubts that it looked like kidney stones.

My sister soon joined me as I went to pay for his medicines. We consulted a couple of doctors who dad knew personally and the advised to admit him in. We paid the advance and an orderly brought a wheel chair to take my dad to his room. By this time my uncle had already arrived; he was in town and met my brother-in-law who informed him of the same. My uncle and I accompanied my dad to the room while my sister went back to her home to get her kids their breakfast and she would be back later with my mom. After my dad had another drip, the pain went away and he was almost normal. A scan didn’t show anything and the doctors said that it could have been very minute and that it would have washed away during his treatment with the solution and his drinking water to fill  his bladder. I came back home once my mom and sister had come back with a change of clothes for dad and food for him.

By afternoon the doctors confirmed that other than some medicines which he would have to take and probably drink more water than he usually does, he would be fine. By 7pm he was back home and resting in his own bed. By 8:30 pm he was eating a light dinner and watching his usual programmes on tv (as crap as they are). He’s gonna be ok.

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  1. I have heard that kidney stones are extremely painful. A friend of mine had some and said it is the closest a man will ever get to understanding the pain of childbirth. I am so sorry your Dad went through that but am really glad he is OK.

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