My Dad Turns 70

It’s just another Tuesday morning, I’ve got to take a shower and get ready for work. Or is it? Nope. It’s a big day for my sister & me. Today our dad turns 70 years old! He’s entering into the 7th decade of existence on this planet. He moved to Kuwait when he was 21, got married when he was 29, my sister was born when he was 31 and I was born when he was 37. He spent 29 loyal years as an employee of the National Bank of Kuwait and when he retired as bank manager, they gave him a bunch of awards & presentations for his wonderful service to them.

In my culture, the 60th, 80th & 85th birthdays of a person holds special meaning & is celebrated with religious rituals and stuff. Screw that, it’s a big deal to have that many birthdays behind you. So to hell with bullshit rituals, we’re going to the Lotus club to celebrate his 70th. There will be food, drinks and a bunch of my cousins, uncles & aunts. My dad will drink a couple along with people he can chat along with and he will be happy that he could share this day with his family. That’s what matters and that’s what he’s gonna get.

So the man we call Pappa – my sister started calling him that when she started learning to talk (what? did she think she was French?) and I soon followed – turns 70. He has been Pappa to many of my cousins as well as a few of the kids who grew up in the same building as I did back in Kuwait. Anyone who reads this, do me favour. Drink a toast to my dad tonight. Cause if you knew him, he would be Pappa to you to.

Here is the birthday boy (yes he is the one in the center) with my two nephews; picture taken 2 years ago.

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