My Excruciatingly Frustrating Experience With

So I placed an order for 2 shirts on this website called Guniia. I have never heard of them before but I saw a sponsored posts on my Facebook app and when I searched for my plus sized John Pride shirts on Google;s shopping tab. You see I usually buy these shirts from Amazon or Flipkart or even their own website. However last Saturday when I checked the selections were so less on any of them but Guniaa had more shirts.

So I placed an order for 1 shirt on John Pride’s website and then 2 on Guniia as they had so many good prints. That was last Saturday – 12th Nov. After I placed the payment I got a confirmation of the order and a tracking id from eKart. Then on Sunday I got a confirmation email from Guniia that the order was on it’s way. However there was no tracking update when I did a quick check – it showed that the tracking id did not exist. I thought it was possibly because it hadn’t been shipped by the carrier yet so I though I would wait for a day or 2. I then forgot about it till Wednesday and checked again. No tracking id found with that number. Frustrated, I sent them an email. No response till Saturday.

Saturday morning I called their customer care number which was only working from 10 am to 6 pm. After 20 minutes past 10 a woman picks up and says she can’t hear me and hung up. I called again and she sounded sleepy and I could hear kids in the background. OK, maybe she is working from home. She tells me that the system is slow and that she would call me back in an hour. She doesn’t so 90 minutes later I call her back. She tells me the same thing and asks me to wait for 2 hours. I said ok even though I was getting annoyed. She doesn’t call me back again. I then wait and call her back and I give her a piece of my mind. She tells me that it was shipped – I said what about the tracking.

Then she tells me that they have had some issue with the carrier and that the tracking id is wrong so here is a new tracking id. And that the carrier has just picked up the package!!! After one week? I also get an email from another staff with the same tracking id. Then someone sends me a new id says that it was just picked up as they had problems so they had to select a different carrier. But this woman tells me it was picked up the previous day. All sorts of BS later she apologizes and sends me the new tracking update. Atleast it shows some movement and it should be here on Tuesday. I hope so!

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