My Favorite Childhood Summer-time Past-time Was…

Ok so I had several favourite childhood summer time activities that I loved. Let’s look at them as sub-activities of one major activities. Spending time with my cousins. Even though I had a great set of friends at school, I never really hung out with them during the summer holidays. Usually it was one or 2 who lived near me, that I perhaps saw a couple of times during April & May months but usually summer vacations were meant for family.

And hence the things we did as a group of cousins were the best things and things I looked forward to. Our families would gather in my maternal grandmother’s house in Mattancherry. Sometimes the adults would stay for a while and then go back while we kids stayed back. So we played football and cricket in the little bit of land that was in front of our grandma’s house. That as what we did during the day time straight after breakfast. We would stop for lunch and a bit of rest and played till 5 or 6pm. Evenings were us going to get cool drinks at a nearby shop and then waiting our turns to take well needed showers.

Evenings would be spent drinking tea and some snacks while playing either card games or board games like Monopoly or Hind Trade. Dinner would be at around 8pm or so and then it would be us watching a movie or two that we had selected from one of the nearby video stores and then by midnight we would fall asleep in one of the two big rooms that was assigned for us kids. Magical and fun filled days.


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