My Feelings Toward Online Dating

When I was much younger, around 23-24 years of age or so I had created a profile in an online dating service. It was around 10-11 years ago and the internet wasn’t what it is now. I spent most of time online in online chat rooms or reading up on famous people and nothing else much. Imagine, no Youtube at that time. That was when someone introduced me to online dating and pointed me in the direction of one such portal (I can’t remember the name of it, since I haven’t visited the site in ages).

All I remember of it was creating the profile and then getting a few replies. None of the girls who replied were in my city. Heck they weren’t in my country either. I knew that there was no way that I would be able to meet any of these women and hence made up some stuff for the emails that I sent to them. It was crazy and I got bored pretty soon.

Except for some photos that some of them sent and which I must have saved on a CD somewhere, while backing up my then hard drive, I don’t have any connection with it. I never got anything from it and wouldn’t try it out now either.

2 thoughts on “My Feelings Toward Online Dating

  1. I’ve never had to online date being married for as long as I have but some of my friends have and some like it while others don’t. I think I would be uncomfortable with it – you just wouldn’t know if people were genuine or not. The world sure has changed a lot since I was single…

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