My First Foray Into Online Purchasing

Although I’ve been online from 1998 onwards and have had an internet connection at home for over 4 years now, I have never bought anything online. Not a single thing no matter the price. Not even a cd or a magazine (hangs head down in shame)! Till today!

After many weeks of visiting & browsing through online shopping sites like Home Shop 18, Rediff & ebay and even laughable attempts to win something on bidding sites (yeah right!) I finally thought of buying stuff that I can afford and can also use practically. I can buy it in shops in the city but I might be getting a good deal online and hence opting for it. Sensible and practical choices. Anyway, today seemed to be a good day to try, so I finally went and both my first purchase online.

Nothing Earth shattering or ground breaking or mind blowing or anything exciting. I did a lot of browsing through the categories in ebay (I’m limited to the Indian version ofcourse as I can’t afford the dollar rates) and checked out the computer/laptop peripherals section. I bought a wireless mouse with the mini USB blue  tooth dongle. I already have one but I thought I’d keep one more and I wanted one with a smaller USB dongle rather than the huge one I have with my ismart mouse.

There are a lot fancier ones for sale but currently I do not want such a big fancy mouse with lazer lights coming out of the ass end – there’s even a very cool car shaped mouse that is just killer on the looks department and some other ones too. But I’m super psyched about getting a 1TB external hard drive. That’s gonna be my next purchase. I’m downloading a ton of movies, tv series and rock concert videos and all that requires mucho space. I have my notebook’s 320 GB hard drive plus a 160 GB & a 320 GB external USB drives. It’s time now to go for a 1TB and skip the 500 GB altogether.

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