My Injured Ankle Story

I seem to hurt my feet every once in a while. Read this and this and this and this before you proceed. And there was a time once before back in 2005 but that was before I started this blog! And that one had me hobbling for a week at home and then not being able to wear shoes for another week while I still went to work.

So yeah, I apparently do this a lot. The last three times, including this one, has featured me and the headpost of my bed. As some of you may remember posting about it, I sleep upside down on my bed because my computer table and laptop are placed next to the head of the bed and since I watch movies / tv series episodes at night before I go to sleep, I always have slept on this bed upside down. Meaning with my head towards the foot of the bed and my feet at the head post. Now this head post is made of solid hard wood and it has railings. Usually what happens is that I get my foot stuck in between the railings and injure it by pulling my leg in my sleep. That’s what happened the last couple of times.

This time though, I decided to be different (note the sarcasm) and must have fallen asleep further down the bed than I would normally have. Early morning on Saturday, I apparently tossed and turned and the back of my foot (ankle just above the heel, whatever) from high hit the top of the bed post. Hard! I woke up with pain and realized what I had done in my sleep. I nursed it a bit but went back to sleep in a couple of minutes even though my ankle was hurting. After I woke up and tried walking, I realized that there would be swelling and lo and behold there it was. So I’ve been limping for the past three days and applying an ointment and a pain relief spray (that really works) and resting my foot as much as I can. Today it seems to be much better with the swelling almost all gone, I can walk without pain. Just a little uncomfortable feeling, which should be gone by tomorrow.

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