My Music Collection

When I first bought my current PC, I had roughly 3 GB of mp3s burnt on a few cds. Then I subscribed to Tata’s broadband services and started downloading mp3s, while also ripping all the cds that I had into the friendly & economic digital format. My collection grew and after just organizing the last 3 albums that I was able to download off the net, I decided to check the status.

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I now have 17.3 GB worth of mp3s spread across 4,045 files on one of my drives. My disk size space is getting replenished and its time to think of buying another drive. I plan on buying an external drive for the sole purpose of storing my mp3s. Because there’s more files coming and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. I know that 17.3 GB is not much to some guys but I’m quite proud of it.

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