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Does anyone still have music cassettes anymore? I can’t find a single cassette anywhere in my belongings as I remember chucking out all my old tapes, the last batch being sold to scrap collectors back in September of 2011 (which was just about 20-30 tapes). I used to have a huge and I mean huge music cassette collection. No idea on the actual numbers as I also had mixed tapes a plenty. I filled a huge shelf and two cupboards with my tapes, in alphabetical order (as much as I could). During the move from our old house  to the apartment back in 2006, I had discarded several tapes into an old box and given it to a guy who collects scraps of stuff and sells them at really low prices. I did feel funny throwing them out; if it wasn’t for the move and the lack of space in the new place, I might have had those tapes forever!

Around 2004 I started buying more cds and that has become a big collection in it’s own right – however I now face the same issue with the cds that I once faced with the tapes. If I buy a cd, I rip the songs into mp3 format and burn them onto my laptop and save another copy into an external hard drive that I maintain just for music. All the cds are collecting dust, most of them that I have bought since September 2006 have never even been played – not even once!!!! Rip and play as mp3s on my computer? yes many times over. So now I have a steel cupboard with the bottom big shelf filled with cds collecting dust and just taking up space. I dunno what I will do with them. Do I sell them and create some space for books and  other stuff? I will think about what to do with it next year when I do my annual cleaning in January.

Meanwhile my mp3 collection is now 62 gb strong. I have stopped getting new music for a while; got a bunch of stuff that I need to listen to and review first. 62 gb is not bad, not bad at all.

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