My New Job!

I got the new job that I had applied for! Yaay me! Surprisingly enough I was selected for the job of trainer in the call centre & customer care division of the rival cell phone service company of my current post. They are unable to take me on the company payrolls as I have not completed my graduation (fair enough)! The pay is much better and I feel really good about it. I almost jumped with joy, after meeting with the HR manager in this company and when everything was finalized. He asked me to complete the formalities today and I was eager to do so as well. I think, I kinda knew that I would get this job from the moment I met the call centre manager over there; it just gave me an overall great feeling. And I am so happy about it. So I went over to where I am supposed to sign up and waited until they drafted me the offer letter and other documents which I am to sign and fill and hand over to them in due time.

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The downside of this is that I have to join them next week by Wednesday! That does not give me much time to prepare leaving from my current company and I won’t be able to give them a 15 day notice which is the norm. I know that no one likes to be faced with an executive who goes off without that 15 days but I cannot help it. I would love to be able to give them that – they have been great to me but not the main company! I have only good feeling about the bpo and my fellow staff there. I teared up as I sat and wrote my resignation letter and signed it in front of Baanu & Namrata. They were understanding but at the same time they too are planning on putting their papers and have supported my decision in quitting. I am gonna miss the both of them as whole lot.

What about my kids? The agents in the call centre, the majority of who I have given training and the majority of whom hold me close to their heart. I know several of them are gonna miss me and I am really gonna miss a lot of them. There are a few who are really new and a couple of downright assholes who I couldn’t care a rat’s ass about! Everyone else is dear to me. But all things must come to an end! I can always look back with pride and joy at what I have accomplished there.

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