My Pet Crow

Most people have cats or dogs as pets. Some people have love birds, fish, ferrets, rabbits, parrots, parakeets, horses, turtles, ponies or hamsters.

Me – I have a crow! This guy comes to my balcony mostly during breakfast time and mostly when we have dosa for breakfast and “caws” my ears off until I give him a piece of the crispiest part to eat. He takes it and then goes off to eat it in peace. This photo was taken today just before I sat down to eat my breakfast. Saw him on the balcony so before he could cry out I went and gave him a section of the crispiest part of the hottest dosa. He took it, I snapped the pic and 30 seconds later he flew off with it in his beak.

A funny incident happened a few days ago. We had dosa for breakfast and I went back to my room. I hadn’t seen him for a couple of weeks but there he was just outside my window, perched on the pipes that run on the parapet below the window. He kept cawing loudly and it sounded like he was complaining and rebuking me for not saving a piece of dosa for him. As one of the window grill has been removed for repair work he almost came into my room until I went and shooed him away. Then he came to the balcony and started cawing over there loudly, complaining as he was hungry for dosa!

2 thoughts on “My Pet Crow

  1. Too bad you are an atheist :P …
    lest could pull your leg with some baloney, like the crow is some ancient ancestor coming to visit you,etc etc ..hehe haha… :-D

  2. @George – The fact is some superstitious people might even take the crow visiting as a bad sign. Crow is a symbol of death in some cultures.

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