My Plate Is Full

Ok, so I was on leave yesterday since I wasn’t feeling all that good. But I can’t believe how much stuff is piling up on me. I think that from now till the 23rd of the month things are going to be trying for me and my patience is going to be tested full time. I can’t imagine if someone asks me to do one more thing! My response may not be pleasant and those faint of heart will not be able to survive the shock.

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So a project on quality, one on research, one on product (this is something I do every month), one more on implementation (that alone will take 5 hours a day) and another week of reports! All which will end on the 23rd, I am hoping. I am going crazy just thinking of it.

And then there is the lunch/dinner on Saturday, which will take up my entire day. And Vinitha’s wedding on the following Monday! That is in Thrissur! But I am seriously thinking of coming back straight to the office and working a 9 hour shift after the wedding. I hope to leave there in 2 hours. I’ll wait and see. For now, I am just hoping to start two things tomorrow and then prepare for Saturday’s function.

Song for the day – “Gentle Seduction” – OSCAR LOPEZ

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