My Recurring Dream

Well it’s not the same dream, rather it’s the continuation of the same dream that I keep having over and over again. Much like a television serial that has numerous episodes, this keep playing quite regularly in my mind while I sleep. The reason for it is because I always think about it during idle moments and I wish I could have this life with all my heart.

Ok, it’s way, way, way further in the future. But all the people that I know are alive then and life is great. It’s a very Star Trek world, times 100, and being human rocks as, although there are a lot of aliens, we are the invincible lords of the universe. Humans need spaceships monitoring the galaxy however and that’s where I come in.

I’m the captain of a new spaceship and we’re about to go on our first mission. My senior officers are my first team in my last office – Neil, Sreekumar, Ajeeba, Nazer, Rashba, Vidya & Jins. The junior officers, with each one aligned to each of the senior officers, are my second team – Wasim, Roopa, Anusha, Riju, Rekha, Rajeesh & Firdous! We also have Maya, Vinaya & Dileep. And the junior officers are just being assigned to my ship after I’ve selected them based on various criteria. I assign them to their duties and we prepare for launch.

This big, beautiful & extremely advanced spaceship is launched while the 15 of us are in sitting on the bridge. The 14 of them take care of the 7 different departments that is responsible for the running of the ship – like console, operations, navigation / astrometrics, science, engineering, tactical / security & medical. And each department has a group of men & women under them as well. The total crew strength is around a 1000. As we embark on our various adventures in space, we grow closer as a group and have a marvelous time fighing aliens, discovering new planets and exploring the galaxy.

I know it’s silly but try as I might, the moment I lie down to sleep, it’s thoughts like these that enter my mind. So it influences my dreams. I only wish it were real.

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