My Routine

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to grab my clothes and put them back on! I love to sleep in the nude, mainly because I live in one of the hottest and humid places on this planet. It’s hot and we sweat, there’s mosquitoes and we’re hairy! This is a case against those morons who think intelligent design is obvious – what the fuck are we to do with body hair and especially when people like me are balding? Is armpit hair so glamorous? Does god have a think for public hair and hair on the ass? Is he some fucking pervert?

Ok so, after that it’s getting my glasses and putting them back on, drinking some water from a bottle I keep close to my bed before I go to sleep and then ofcourse it’s to the bathroom I go to take a leak, wash my face with water from the tap and then brush my teeth and then go get my first cup of coffee of the morning. In that order!

The last thing I do before I go to sleep? Close my eyes I guess :D (ba dum pum tish). Well this is my usual bed time routine – post dinner I will spend around an hour online and then decide what tv series or movie I am going to watch for the night. Which is always on my laptop. Or maybe it’s a football match if there is one going on.Then I switch it on or play it and relax back on my bed and watch it until sleep comes over me and I place my glasses to the side table, switch the lights off and zzzzzzzz!

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