My Secret Lair – Part 1

Imagine your own secret lair and explain what’s inside.

I have had this idea for a super hero but a really dark super hero for a long time and it involves me. I am not sure when this came to me but it was around 6 years ago I think and I am also not sure what prompted me. But the secret to how I get the super powers is – it’s actually a very powerful suit and weapons plus a whole lot of other stuff. You see, one night I was walking around when I happen to see a crashed ufo. It is small and partially camouflaged and I approach it cautiously. No one else has noticed it and it’s descent was not tracked as the ufo was cloaked. It was only only due to the crash that I could see part of it.

I go inside and see a dying alien who points me to a button. When I press this, something gets injected into me and I gain access to all the controls of the ship and the gadgets that the alien has. He or it then dies. I can now access the records and the computer and it translates everything into English for me. I quickly decide that I need to hide this ship and manage to press the controls needed to have the auto-regeneration done so the ship can be fixed. I bury the dead alien and get into the ship and cloak the vehicle. I fly the ship into the air and look for places to hide it. I find a mountain nearby that is left alone and no one climbs it or disturbs it.

Using the laser weapons on the ship, in the dark of night I blast a large cave into the side of the mountain and set the ship inside it. Using some material on the ship I find I can now camouflage the entrance to my secret cave and it can open and close in such a way that you’d have to be right in front to actually see that there is a cave there with an that is opening and closing. I now have my secret lair. Next I find a suit of armour that has an oxygen supply and a flying apparatus fitted onto the back. And yet it feels so light when I wear it. Using it, with a full face helmet ofcourse, I can fly into the air at great speeds.

Prompt from 31 Blog Writing Prompts to Break Your Writer’s Block

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